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DJ Kamal Mustafa is a Pakistani Music Producer, DJ, and Pakistani Filmmaker, Has Produced six Animated Films and Released 18 Music Albums for Pakistani and Bollywood Celebrities. The latest film, "Cyber Awareness," is a film for FIA Cyber Crime Wing NR3C. DJ Kamal Mustafa, has been featured in The News, Geo News, Dunya News, Gulf News, Global Village Space, and in many news outlets. Have been nominated as a single animator of Pakistan in 2019 who has released one animated film in Pakistan in 2019. A Notable film is "Operation Swift Retort" a film based on Abhinandan Capture.


DJ Kamal Mustafa started his career in 2013 with his debut album Eid dance electronism. Since then he has produced over 15 music albums. Best known as "Breathless" and "Jashn-e-Emraan". He has worked with performers online and offline, from Bollywood to Pakistani singers such as Gautam Gulati, Ajaz Khan, Niti Taylor, Addy Rocker, Nauman Javaid, Charlie Chauhan, Emraan Hashmi, KK, and others. He did the first remix for The film Mr-X Hollywood movie for the song Tu Jo Hain. His music has featured in MTV Charts and Pure Charts. Dry Tickets for Australia Featured: DJ Kamal Mustafa's official remix of Kanika Kapoor's Teddy Bear featuring Gautam Gulati was released and was his biggest hit. The latest music remix album "Vegas Club" and I am featured in "The Orchard" sister site Gig Life Pro, an interview can be read by going to this link >>


DJ Kamal Mustafa has released six independent animated films and one documentary film on the issue of terrorism in Pakistan. These films, released from 2014 to 2021, showed the work of the Pakistani army and intelligence agencies, and the air force. Recently an animated film on Cyber Awareness is released for Pakistan's Federal Investigation Agency.

1) FIA Cyber Crime Wing Awareness Film (2021)

2) Operation Meezan Pakistan Rangers Sindh (6 Sept 2020)

3) Operation Swift Retort (14 August 2019)

4) Australia Bushfires (January 2020)

5) Operation 786 (14 August 2017)

6) ISI Army On Duty (14 August 2016)

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