Films Production Service & VFX Visual Effects Service

Films Production Service & VFX Visual Effects Service: As a Filmmaker, I can produce short films, can do visual effects, or can produce short animated films for your company and brands. my expertise is in the 3D animated industry and as of now, I have produced over 5 animated films that are running successfully.


Films Production Service & VFX Visual Effects Service:


I am in the industry since 2013, I am specialized in Modelling, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging, Animation, Digital Intermediate, and 3D Animation also do Visual Effects for Films and Television Commercials, I can design, storyboarding, and pre-visualization and also expert in the following:

Films and TV Production
Interior Design
Exterior Design
3D Architectural visualization
Animated Nature Scene
2D & 3D Compositing

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Author: DJ Kamal Mustafa

DJ Kamal Mustafa is a Pakistani Music Producer, DJ and Pakistani filmmaker. DJ Kamal Mustafa Has produced four animated films and Released 15 Music Albums for pakistani and bollywood celebrities. Latest Film"Operation Swift Retort" A Film exposing indian balakot lies and capture of abhinandan , film is showing pakistan air force pilots shoot down two indian jets. DJ Kamal Mustafa has been featured in "The News" , "Gulf News" , "Khaleej" , Newspapers And News Websites.

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