Operation Swift Retort

Operation Swift Retort

Operation Swift Retort is a pakistani animated film which is based on the true events of 27 feb 2019 , where Pakistan Air Force shot down the indian jets MIG 21 & Sukhoi 30 & Arrested The indian pilot “Wing Commander AbhiNandan” , This Film Is Showing that how “Squadron Leader Hassan Siddiqui & Nauman Ali Khan” Engaged the target and shot down the indian jets from JF 17 thunder & Mirage 2000. The Scenes , Sequence below.

Film Directed , Produced , Animated , Story By DJ Kamal Mustafa

1) Indian Dropped the bomb in forest near Jabba
2) Indian Lies Expose By PAF
3) Important Meeting In Air HQ , Where Army Generals & Air Force Officials Were Planning To Give Befitting Response to indian aggression
4) DG ISPR Major Asif Ghafoor Sir Exposing India
5) PAF Officials Detected Indian Jets Violated PAK AIR SPACE
6) Pak Air Force Team Started Operation Known As “Operation Swift Retort”
7) Hassan Siddiqui & Nauman Ali Khan Engaged the target & Shot Down the MIG 21 & Sukhoi 30
8) Pak Army Officials Arrested Indian Pilot (AbhiNandan) From MIG 21
9) Victory
10) DG ISPR Surprise


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