Australia Bushfires

Australia Bushfires Animation | Pakistani Animated Movie | DJ Kamal Mustafa

Australia Bushfires Animation

This is an official Pakistani Animated Movie made in solidarity with people and animals of Australia, the Pakistan Army is also ready to help Government Of Australia. I made this film to tell the world that the people of Australia and animals are looking for help. Please help them. I want to assure them that Pakistan stands with Australia. The film has a message to help the Animals and People of Australia who are facing the deadliest forest fire in the history of Australia. I have shown in this film how animals lost their lives and they are waiting for people's help. they are thirsty and they are scared too.

Australia Fires Pakistani Animated Movie Story:

The film shows how Jungle was burning, how fire caught jungle, and how animals have died. Scene 1 is showing fire in trees and bushes, Scene 2 is showing fire in Palm trees where animals are scared and shouting for help, Scene 3 is showing six deer’s are lying dead on bushes and fire caught the entire area of jungle, Scene 4 showing few dogs were standing in the jungle and seeing the fire where one dog lost his life, Scene 5 showing few tigers were burnt completely and lost the life lying on bushes fire caught the entire trees surrounded by tigers, Scene 6 (Last scene) showing the man was saving animals, deer’s were there and watching the fire.

Message: Just help Australia and Help the Animals: 'Pray for Australia' is a nonprofit film, I tried my level best to convey the message to the world that helps animals and stands with them.

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