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Featured in The News International

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Featured in The News London Newspaper

Featured in Global Village Space

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Featured in Parhlo News Blog

Featured in UK FILM Review


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Featured in Daily Nai Baat Newspaper

Featured in Hamari Web

Featured in Hum Sub News Blog

Featured in UK Film Review for Film “Operation 786”

Author: DJ Kamal Mustafa

DJ Kamal Mustafa is a Pakistani Music Producer, DJ and Pakistani filmmaker. DJ Kamal Mustafa Has produced four animated films and Released 15 Music Albums for pakistani and bollywood celebrities. Latest Film"Operation Swift Retort" A Film exposing indian balakot lies and capture of abhinandan , film is showing pakistan air force pilots shoot down two indian jets. DJ Kamal Mustafa has been featured in "The News" , "Gulf News" , "Khaleej" , Newspapers And News Websites.

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