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 Dj Kamal mustafa

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About Dj Kamal mustafa

About Dj Kamal mustafa

 name = Dj Kamal mustafa
birth_name = Kamal Mustafa
alias = Dj Kamal mustafa
birth_date = 16 May 1991
birth_place = Pakistan , Karachi
origin = Pakistan , Karachi
instrument = Guitar , Synthesizer , Ableton , Traktor , Fl Studio
genre = [[Electro (music)|Electro]], [[hip hop]], [[Club music|Club]]
occupation = DJ, Music Producer, Remixer, 3D film director, Composer, Film producer, lyricist, Game developer
years_active = 2012-Present





Dj Kamal mustafa”’ is a Pakistani-born music producer and DJ known for rendering services across the nation and beyond. Also I’ve Produced and Animate Pakistani Short 3D Films, And Developed Few Games as Well


Interview with Music Producer & Game Developer Dj Kamal mustafa


Dj Kamal mustafa has been featured on AMB Magazine Dj Kamal mustafa




==Early life==
Kamal Mustaf belongs to the [[Memon|MEMON]] community Kutiana from [[Karachi|Karachi Pakistan]].{{cn|date=August 2015}} At age 15, he started listening to remixes and other musical productions . A few years after, he started producing some Indian remixes. Before too long, he became a music producer.

==Music career==
Dj Kamal mustafa runs an independent film production firm known as “Kamal Fudda Entertainment†. The company doubles as music/film production studio and game development outfit. Kamal has continued to produce music albums, songs, films, lyrics and games through the outfit.
DJ Mustafa Kamal has made Remixes for highly placed artists and celebrities such as [[Emraan Hashmi]], [[Nouman Javaid]] Unofficial, [[Falak Shabir]], [[Zaain Ul Abideen]] ,[[KK (singer)]] , [[Bilal Khan]] and other well known musicians. He has also Made Remix For Pakistani Bands, Singers, Addy Rocker Band, Gig The Band , Ali Khan and other

===Filmo Graphy===

  1. ISI Army On Duty
  2. The Saver 3D


===Game Developing===

Dj Kamal mustafa Released First RPG Game Called ” Pakistani Treasure Hunt ” It was Role Playing Game Which was Developed in C++ And Java Engine Also Working On Zarb-E-Azb 3D Fps Game, He Released ” Poker Rework ” As well including ” The Robot “ 

[[|The Robot Unity 3D]]
[ Poker Rework]
[[|Operation Pak Army]]


=== Remix Album Listing ===


New Year Hungama
Raaz Reloaded
Azadi Ka Junoon
Eid Hungama
April Dance Madness
Tu Mil Jaye
Judai Rebirth Of Trance
Tu Jo Hain
Teddy Bear
Eid Dance Electronism
Voyage Of Love
Club Dance
Aashiqui 2 Mashup

=== Celebrity Work===

Have work official and verify the twitter handle of famous film / tv stars

  1. Gautam Gulati
  2. Ajaz Khan
  3. Mehreen Syed
  4. Niti Taylor
  5. Mr Nafees Zakariya ( Spoke Person Of Foreign Ministry Pakistan )
  6. KK



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