Australia Bushfires (Animated Film)

Australia bushfires

Australia Bushfires Animated Film | DJ Kamal Mustafa | Australia Fires Animation

Australia bushfires

Australia bushfires

This is an official animated film made in solidarity with people and animals of Australia , Pakistan Army is also ready to help Government Of Australia. I Made this film to tell world that People of Australia & Animals are looking for help , please help them , I want to assured them that Pakistan stands with Australia. This film has a message to help Animals and People of  Australia who are facing deadliest forest fire in the history of Australia. I have shown in this film that how animals lost their lives and they are waiting for people help. they are thirsty and they are scared too. 

Story: Film is showing that how Jungle was burning , how fire caught jungle and how animals were died. Scene 1 is showing fire in trees and bushes , Scene 2 is showing fire in Palm trees where animals are scared and shouting for help , Scene 3 is showing six deers are lying dead on bushes and fire caught the entire area of jungle , Scene 4 showing few dogs were standing in jungle and seeing the fire where one dog lost his life , Scene 5 showing few tigers were burnt completely and lost the life lying on bushes fire caught the entire trees surrounded by tigers , Scene 6 (Last scene) showing man was saving animals , deers were there and watching fire. 

Message: Just help Australia and Help the Animals , #PrayforAustralia , This is a non profit film , i tried my level best to convey the message to World that help the animals and stands with them.

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Story & Animation: DJ Kamal Mustafa

Produced & Directed by : DJ Kamal Mustafa

Vfx & Music: DJ Kamal Mustafa

Running time: 3 minutes 42 seconds

Country Of Releasing: Pakistan

Australia bushfires

Australia bushfires

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